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  • Canadian Club 1970s Whisky

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    Canadian Club 1970s Whisky is part of the limited edition Vintage collection offering a unique view into the heritage and taste of Canadian Club across the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
    These Vintages are characterised by the abundance of rye grains gently mellowed and rested in traditional Canadian cooperage. This rare Vintage distilled in the 1970s offers a delicate sweetness with floral notes reminiscent of early spring. The gentle traditional Canadian Cooperage brings forth a very delicate finish that lets the abundance of mellow Rye spice deliver the approachability that Canadian whiskies are famed for.

    750ml, 4o% ABV

    $194.00 inc. GST

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  • Canadian Club 20 Year Whisky

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    Canadian Club 20 Year Whisky is the distilleries ultimate celebration of the blender’s art. Barrel blended and matured for twenty years, this smooth and mellow whisky is available only in limited supply. Each bottle individually numbered.

    750ml, 40% ABV

    $83.00 inc. GST

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