Pussers Nelsons Blood Hip Flask Rum

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Pussers Nelsons Blood Hip Flask Rum commemorates Lord Nelson, one of the world’s greatest fighting admirals. At Trafalgar in 1805 he was mortally wounded and died three hours before the end of the battle with the knowledge that the victory was his. Legend has it that to preserve his body, they placed him in a large cask of Pusser’s Rum. Upon arrival in England, it was discovered that the sailors had drilled a small hole at the base of the cask and drank all the rum – therefore drinking ‘Nelson’s Blood’.

Pussers Nelsons Blood Hip Flask Rum contains Pusser’s flagship ‘Nelson’s Blood’ 15 year old aged rum.

TASTING NOTES: Prominent flavour of toffee and a long finish textured with coffee, dried fruit and clover honey.

Classification: Blended Rum (Blend of Traditional Column and Pot Still from more than one distillery)
Country: Guyana, Trinidad
Aged: up to 15 years
Distillery: DDL, Trinidad Distillers
ABV: 42% / 200ml

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Pussers Nelsons Blood Hip Flask Rum contains Pusser’s rum – the official British Navy Rum. For many years, sailors of Great Britain’s Royal Navy were issued a daily ration or ‘tot’ of rum by the ship’s ‘Purser’ (corrupted by the sailors to Pusser’s). A ritual that continued up until July 31st 1970; the end of a 325 year naval tradition was marked on British ships around the world with sailors wearing black armbands and conducting mock funerals, this was known as Black Tot day. Pusser’s Rum was resurrected in 1980 by ex-Navy Seal, Charles Tobias. After much convincing he was allowed to reproduce the rum to the exact specifications of the Admiralty blend established in 1810.

Pussers Nelsons Blood Hip Flask Rum contains a blend of 5 molasses based rums from pot stills, these rums are sourced from Trinidad, Guyana and the British West Indies. The base rum is produced at Demerara Distillers from the world’s only wooden pot still in operation.


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