Archie Rose Original Vodka

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Using twice carbon-filtered Sydney water and our preference for pure Australian wheat, Archie Rose Original Vodka has a subtle natural sweetness. Crisp apple and mint notes offer a clean finish that lingers well after the first sip.

Crafted by Archie Rose Distilling Co., Rosebery (Sydney) NSW.

700ml, 40% ABV

$59.99 inc. GST

Archie Rose Original Vodka is crafted Archie Rose Distillery

While there was a downside to the complete lack of a handbook to guide us to create a distillery of our size, the upside is that we learned from the ground up the craft of spirit making from people who have done it before us.

They say good things come to those who wait. In our case, the wait for our distilling equipment to be built was exactly one year to the day we engaged craftsman Peter Bailly to create it. With the finest copper shipped in from Scandinavia then hand-hammered and fabricated to our exact specifications, we are proud to say Archie Rose has three of the most unique copper pot stills in the world.

With the exception of the washbacks and grist mill, Peter made all other equipment on the production floor, so it’s fair to say we have a grassroots culture of creating things by hand – right through to the bottling and labelling of our spirits on site.

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