Black Gate Single Malt Hybrid Cask Whisky

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Black Gate Single Malt Hybrid Cask Whisky (BG032) is an award winning Australian whisky that is matured in a hybrid cask of port staves and red wine heads for 3 years. The whisky is double distilled in a direct fired copper pot still using authentic methods and like all Black Gate Distillery single males is crafted using no added sugars, colours or flavours.

Tasting note: This is perhaps the tamest release yet from Black Gate Distillery. Full of flavour, syrupy and sweet with hints of spice.

Crafted by Black Gate Distillery, Mendooran, NSW.

Country: Australia
Aged: 3 years
Distillery: Black Gate Distillery
ABV: 46.7% / 500ml

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Black Gate Single Malt Hybrid Cask Whisky is meticulously hand crafted by Black Gate Distillery.

Situated in Mendooran, 45 mins from Dubbo in Central West NSW, Black Gate Distillery is a small, husband and wife operation established in 2009. The rural setting and climate at Black Gate Distillery are conducive to aggressive spirit maturation, where they produce Single Malt Whisky and Dark Rum, which are both fermented and distilled using tradition methods on site. Black Gate Distillery use direct fired copper pot stills of 630 litre and 300 litre capacity that produce spirit on the richer more complex end of the flavour profile.

Brian and Genise have travelled throughout NSW, Tasmania, Scotland and Ireland researching and gaining knowledge in the art of distilling high quality spirits and liqueurs.

Black Gate Single Malt Hybrid Cask Whisky is just one of the many authentic single malt expressions from Black Gate Distillery.


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