Botanic Australis Gin

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Botanic Australis Gin stands out from any other ordinary gin because the structured blend of 14 Australian Native botanics make our gin far superior to any other dry styled gin.

Tasting note ( You know I am passionate about Aussie gins (I’ve even created a lovely event for you to try some) so when I came across Botanic Australis Gin at Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival today (expect a round-up later) I couldn’t wait to write about it! It was definitely my ‘Gin of the day’. Where to start? It’s craft-distilled in North Queensland at the Mt. Uncle Distillery (there is a Mt. Aunty too!), contains no fewer than 14 native botanicals, (including three types of myrtle, finger limes and lilly pilly), and is both distinctive and delicious. The gentleman serving me described it as “very herbaceous”. And so it is. A hint of juniper, a mouthful of warmth and then the botanicals play a fandango (look it up) in your mouth. Herb, grass, mint and citrus flavours, all at once. I also detected ginger and pepper after notes too. It was love at first taste and I swiftly purchased a bottle. I am now saving for my airfare to Queensland where I will kiss the still that produced it.

Crafted by Mt Uncle Distillery, Walkamin, QLD.

700ml, 40% ABV

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Botanic Australis Gin is crafted by Mt. Uncle Distillery, who have built a reputation for Award winning premium liqueurs and spirits. It is North Queensland’s first and only distillery and is the premier attraction on the Cairns Highlands (Atherton Tablelands). The only range of real 100% spirits and liqueurs produced on site, over 50+ teas to try and buy, Liqueur Chocolates, Café, local artwork and the list goes on. What more could you want in one place!

The distillery is nestled on the fertile foothills of Mt. Uncle from where it claims its name from. The mountain was named after the Uncle of the founding pioneer John Atherton, very original! Yes there is also a Mt. Aunty beside him as well so the big guy doesn’t get lonely. Set in landscaped gardens on a Banana, Avocado and Macadamia plantation Mt. Uncle Distillery is as a pleasant visit upon your eyes as it is your taste buds.

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