Bristol Classic Black Spiced Rum


Bristol Classic Black Spiced Rum reflects the history of Bristol, a leading seaport of Britain. In the 18th and 19th centuries prized cargoes from the Caribbean were landed at its port. Black-strap molasses, sugar, tobacco, spices and rum were shipped to its port. This spiced rum reflects this rich heritage. Careful blending of aged rums together with fruits and spices has produced a wonderfully complex spirit.

700ml, 42% ABV

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Bristol Spirits Ltd import premium Caribbean rum into the UK and carefully cellar them to maturity in the country. They seek out small quantities, sometimes only single barrels from a single distillery, or a single estate or even a single still to show rum in its true unblended form. There are now around 12 rums in the Bristol Classics portfolio, most of which have been aged in casks in English warehouses for between 10 and 25 years. Each is from a single still, or a single estate. Interestingly the rums exhibit a range of styles easily equal to that perceived in fine Cognacs or single malt whiskies.