Brookies Byron Slow Gin

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Brookies Byron Slow Gin is a limited edition release from Cape Byron Distillery.

A traditional style of ‘sloe gin’ is made from sloe berries. The new Brookie’s drop takes a subtle shift away from this style and namesake by using Davidson plums instead, which are native to the Byron Bay and northern rivers region. From its distillery in the Byron Bay hinterland, the creation of the Brookies Byron Slow Gin is a long process – there is a six-month maturation period from when the plums are picked and the skins are torn. After that, it’s blended with Mount Warning spring water, then balanced with sugar (Davidson plums are quite tart), and the result is an impressive gin with rich, aged characteristics.

Tasting Notes: The bright and deep colour achieved is completely natural from the plums. The taste is aged and, in a very subtle way, has similarities to port, with notes of watermelon and rose. The Slow Gin is refreshing in style and form, and is best served neat or with an sliver of orange peel.

Crafted by Cape Byron Distillery, Byron Bay, NSW.

700ml, 26% ABV

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Brookies Byron Slow Gin is a limited release from Cape Byron Distillery. Brookies Byron Dry Gin was created by Eddie Brook and one of the worlds most acclaimed Scottish distiller Jim McEwan. Brookie’s captures the unique tastes and flavours of Sub-Tropical New South Wales. The distillery is nestled in the very heart of the Brook family’s macadamia farm and is surrounded by a lush rainforest.

A traditional “dry style” Gin, Brookie’s is a beautifully balanced combination of the finest traditional and local native botanicals. Combined with Mt Warning Spring Water, Brookies is trickle distilled in a custom hand-made Copper Pot Still to create a truly classic gin.

In the words of world famous distiller, Jim McEwan…

“We’re bringing a new level of excellence to distillation. When you taste this gin, it tastes pure. You’re tasting a bit of nature, you can taste the salt air, you can taste the fruits and flowers of the rainforest, it has the warmth of the personalities associated with family distillers.”

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