Brookies MAC Macadamia Liqueur


Brookies MAC Macadamia Liqueur is made in a custom hand-made copper pot-still in the heart of the Brook’s family macadamia farm in the Byron Bay hinterland.

MAC. by Brookie’s is a premium roasted Macadamia & Wattleseed liqueur. Crafted with natural ingredients, Mac. was made to shake things up! A versatile little nutter made from locally sourced roasted Macadamia Nuts & toasted Native Australian Wattleseed. The end result is the ‘Mac Daddy’ of all nut liqueurs.

Effortlessly smooth, Mac. fits into any social occasion. Pour over ice with a slice of lime AKA the Easy Mac. , or mix into your Espresso Martini for something a little more unexpected. Brought to you by Brookie’s, you can rest assure that Mac. captures the true spirit of Byron.

Facts about Brookies MAC Macadamia Liqueur:

• All Macadamias used in the making of MAC. are from Cape Byron Distillery’s own backyard… the Northern Rivers & are hand-roasted at Brookfarm.
• MAC. showcases their own Native Bush Coffee … toasted Wattleseed
• All flavours & colours are 100% Natural

So relax & get comfortable, it’s going to be a smooth ride.

Crafted by Cape Byron Distillery, Byron Bay, NSW.

700ml, 23% ABV

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Brookies Byron Dry Gin was created by Eddie Brook and one of the worlds most acclaimed Scottish distiller Jim McEwan. Brookie’s captures the unique tastes and flavours of Sub-Tropical New South Wales. The distillery is nestled in the very heart of the Brook family’s macadamia farm and is surrounded by a lush rainforest.

At Cape Byron Distillery they keep true to the time honoured traditions and art of distillation whilst creating spirits that capture and showcase the unique terroir of the Northern Rivers (greater Byron Bay region). The team have a passion for excellence, sustainability and giving back to our local community. They are here to create a new chapter in the book of Australian Distilleries.

The subtropical rainforest of the Northern Rivers is home to a plethora of unique edible native species and botanicals…the perfect pantry for creating a world-class Gin. As the months tick over, Cape Byron Distillery is spoilt with what the rainforest has to offer. With Spring comes new life as the rainforest teams with flowers, Native Raspberries and the various varieties of Riberry come into fruit, it provides a bounty of fruit. As Spring rolls into Summer, they await the yearly harvest of our native Jerseyana variety of Davisonia Plum that is the backbone for their Slow Gin. Autumn & Winter bring a new landscape of flavour and not to mention perennial flavours such as our Native Ginger, Cinnamon & Aniseed Myrtle. They are truly spoilt for flavour.

In the words of world famous distiller, Jim McEwan…

“We’re bringing a new level of excellence to distillation. When you taste this gin, it tastes pure. You’re tasting a bit of nature, you can taste the salt air, you can taste the fruits and flowers of the rainforest, it has the warmth of the personalities associated with family distillers.”

Taste the Brookies MAC Macadamia Liqueur along with the amazing Brookies range including the Brookies Byron Slow Gin and the Brookies Byron Dry Gin.

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