FAIR Rum is the first aged Fairtrade rum in the World. Produced in Belize, which is located in the Caribbean / Central America. Made with molasses from organic sugar cane using only sustainable farming methods. Aged for five years in American oak barrels. Shipped to the Cognac region in France for finishing and bottling.

FAIR rum is Fair Trade™ certified and of a very high quality.

Tasting notes:

  • Nose: notes of chocolate, coffee and grilled bananas
  • Palate: It is neither too sweet, nor harsh. It has hints of vanilla, chocolate and pear.
  • Finish: A long lasting and smooth mouth-feel.
 700ml, 40% ABV

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FAIR Rum was created by FAIR. Founded in 2009 by Alexandre Koiransky. Alexandre follows his own intuition, his love for people, his heart.

The Fair Trade organization has rigorous standards for farming practices, which ensures our quinoa and other ingredients are all of an exceptional quality. FAIR. is the world’s first and unique Fair Trade Certified spirits brand. We respect about 200 rules to make sure that we pay the farmers at a fair price. It enables them to cover their production costs, live from farming, educate their children and build schools.
We’re happy, the farmers are happy, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with our spirits.

Fair Trade is a global movement to alleviate poverty in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.


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