Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin

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Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin 2021 is now available and it could be the best ever!

To make this special annual release Four Pillars first distil using real Christmas puddings (made to his mother Wilma’s 1968 recipe), then ages this gin for a year in Muscat barrels that are over 100 years old.

They then ads a slight tweak of Classic Muscat at bottling, Classic Rutherglen matured at the distillery in old puncheons that used to hold Pedro Ximenez in the Barossa Valley. This rounds out the palate and adds a touch of richness.

You’ll get aromatics of classic juniper and a hint of cinnamon, backed up with a rich, luscious palate with a hint of sweetness from the Muscat and richness from the extended barrel ageing. More than ever, it smells like gin and tastes like Christmas. Sip it neat (it’s dangerously drinkable, so one 700mL bottle may not go far on Christmas Day), mix it with ginger ale or beer, or try it in some great cocktails.

Crafted by Four Pillars Distillery, Yarra Valley, VIC.

700ml, 43.8% ABV

$89.99 inc. GST

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Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin is crafted by Four Pillars Distillery, who were named the 2019 International Gin Producer of the Year at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC).

So, how should you drink your Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin?

Firstly, we love a nip of it on the rocks with a twist of orange so you can taste all those Christmas flavours to their fullest. Or if you want to go to a richer level, take a note out of Cam’s book and add a teaspoon of cream.

But Christmas time in Australia means summer days, so we know you’ll be hankering for something fresh and cool. For a super simple thirst quencher try a Christmas Gin & Ginger with ginger ale or beer and fresh lime (reminiscent of a Dark & Stormy, which might just be Christmas Day…).

For something sweet, fun and celebratory with a Christmas twist, how can you go past a Cobbler? This refreshing cocktail is easy to make and sings of summer. Or to get the party going, try this delicious Christmas Punch!

When dessert rolls around, treat yourself to a little splash over your Christmas pudding for something truly decadent.

Then, for those later hours post-feast when you’re kicking back, you can whip up an absolutely rocking Christmas Martinez. Or try an Old Fashioned – just replace the Barrel Aged Gin in this recipe with your Australian Christmas Gin.

Christmas Gin Crusta is something a little special. Combining Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin, with citrus, Amaro Montenegro and homemade sherbet, this is a decadent sipper. And let’s not forget that sugar crust…

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