Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin

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To make the limited edition Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin, Four Pillars Master Distiller, Cam, first distills some Christmas puddings (made to his mother Wilma’s 1968 recipe) with juniper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander and angelica over the top.

Cam also ages gin in a couple of 125-year-old ex-William Grant scotch whisky barrels that had previously stored Rutherglen Muscat for 80 years. He then blends this with the Christmas Pudding gin, and to finish he adds a slight tweak of Rutherglen Classic Muscat to round out the palate.

This year we have the Melbourne artist Stephen Baker’s artwork ‘Basking in the Sun’ adorning our label, channelling all that is great about a hot Aussie Christmas. More than ever, it smells like gin and tastes like Christmas. Sip it neat (it’s dangerously drinkable, so one 700ml bottle may not go far on Christmas Day) or try it in some great cocktails like this Christmas Cobbler:


  • 50mL Australian Christmas Gin
  • 25mL Lemon juice
  • 15mL Muscat
  • 10mL Sugar syrup


  • Build this drink in a goblet or tumbler with crushed ice, and stir with a swizzle stick or bar spoon to combine well
  • Garnish with a mix of gorgeous fresh mint sprigs, an orange crescent, cherry and some seasonal berries

Crafted by Four Pillars Distillery, Yarra Valley, VIC.

700ml, 43.8% ABV

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Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin is superbly crafted by Four Pillars Distillery.

Four Pillars Distillery took delivery of their custom-built still from Carl of Germany, and called her Wilma (after Cameron’s beautiful but explosively tempered late mother). And Wilma turned out to be amazing, drawing extraordinary botanical flavour from a combination of rare, native and traditional botanicals.

She delivers an unbelievable purity of spirit (the gin comes out of Wilma at 93.5% ABV) despite Four Pillar’s unique approach of distilling their benchmark Rare Dry Gin with fresh, juicy biodynamic and highly-aromatic oranges.

From Rare Dry Gin to Barrel Aged Gin to Navy Strength Gin to Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin and Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin (limited editions), everything Four Pillars do is designed to elevate the craft of distilling in Australia.

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