Husk Distillers Spiced Bam Bam Rum

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The taste of the North Coast – Husk Distillers Spiced Bam Bam Rum. The first Australian agricole spiced rum and the second installment of their quality North Coast Bar Series.

A three-year-old agricole rum aged in virgin American Oak, then infused with whole spices, including roasted wattle seed, native Australian ginger, citrus (orange, mandarin, lemon), cinnamon quills, Tahitian vanilla beans and sea salt. This spiced rum has been designed to be sipped on the rocks, or mixed into summery cocktails for a truly Caribbean-meets-Australia taste.

Crafted by Husk Distillers, Northern Rivers, NSW.

Classification: Spiced Rhum Agricole
Country: Australia
Aged: 3-4 years
Distillery: Husk Distillers
ABV: 40% / 700ml

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Husk Distillers Spiced Bam Bam Rum is the 2nd product release from the North Coast Bar Series of fresh, paddock-to-bottle agricole rums designed to be mixed in simple, refreshing ways that highlight the flavour and style of Northern NSW.

Spiced Bam Bam joins Pure Cane in this series of products designed to celebrate & capture our beautiful region – the mighty Tweed Caldera, which stretches from Byron Bay in the south to Burleigh Heads in the north. While Pure Cane captures the terroir of the region and the sugar cane harvest, spiced Bam Bam celebrates the bush foods and coastal rainforests of the North Coast.
The Husk Distillers Spiced Bam Bam Rum journey started in the paddock at Husk Distillers during the 2013 harvest, when 18 tonnes of our sugar cane were cut, crushed, fermented, distilled and barreled in heavily charred virgin American oak.
In July this year the barrels told us they were ready. We infused the already delicious 3-4 year old rum with whole, hand-prepared botanicals. Roasted wattleseed and native Australian ginger combine with citrus (mandarin & orange), cinnamon quills and Tahitian vanilla beans. These botanicals infused over 4 months, and Spiced Bam Bam was finished off with golden berries and sea salt.

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