Los Azulejos Skeleto Reposado Tequila


Los Azulejos Skeleto Reposado Tequila is a hand crafted artisan tequila from the Tequila Valley in the heart of Mexico’s tequila country.  Presented in quality ceramic day of the dead style bottles that are individually hand made and hand painted.

Aged for 6-8 months in premium French Oak.

Tasting Notes: Oak, savory notes, like olive brine and a lime citrus develops very quickly slight alkali tang and touches of leather. Finish has a sichuan pepper overtone along with a somewhat nutmeg/mace note winding up with a long, lingering end.

750ml | 40%

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Los Azulejos Skeleto Reposado Tequila is produced produced in Jalisco, the heart of tequila country. Tequila Los Azulejos was founded by Mexican entrepreneur Pedro Quintanilla, the grandson of a prominent agave producer from the Tequila area. His grandfather owned a large hacienda in the state of Jalisco, where he produced an exquisite tequila for his family, friends and workers but had never commercialsed it.

Decades later, with an increasing demand for tequila in both national and international markets, Mr Quintanilla decided to go back to his roots to produce the finest tequila with no shortcuts in the production process.

Determined to do his best to honor his inheritance, he spared no expense in research, state of the art distillation equipment, expert consultants, experienced manufacturers , and long period of testing conducted by tequila experts and master distillers. Combining the over 100 year old recipe with modern facilities, Quntanilla and his enthusiastic team of producers, gave birth to a premium quality spirit with a unique identity, confirmed by its unique packaging and award-winning flavour.



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