Manly Spirits Zesty Limoncello


Manly Spirits Zesty Limoncello. Combine a passion for distilling native botanicals and craft exquisite liqueurs, and the mouth-watering Zesty Limoncello is born.

Manly Spirits Co. present this unique Italian-style limoncello with an Australian twist. We hand-peel the finest lemons at the distillery to craft this exceptional liqueur with a zesty, lemon meringue tart finish. In the ‘Manly Spirits’ way, they complement lemon liqueur with the addition of native botanicals distillates made from local Lemon Aspen and Lemon Myrtle.

Enjoy chilled, straight from the freezer as an after-dinner digestive, or over ice with soda.

Crafted by Manly Spirits Co. Distillery, Manly NSW, Australia.

700ml, 23% ABV

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Manly Spirits Zesty Limoncello is crafted by Manly Spirits Co. Distillery on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Striving for only the highest possible quality, but also driven to deliver expressions that capture the diversity of Australian botanicals, the Manly Spirits Co. team explores above and below the ocean surface to find that something special.

The distillery has two gorgeous Holsten stills dedicated to the production of our white spirits. During production their stills, Bella and Jordan, are meticulously monitored by their Head Distiller for key timings. They choose not to use automatic cuts but rely on the well-tuned noses of their craftsman to ensure we extract as much flavour as possible from the botanicals while maintaining the balance of a pure, clean spirit.

Inspired by sunrise swims through the crystal-clear waters of Manly’s famed marine sanctuary, Manly Spirits exquisite Gins are crafted using a carefully-considered blend of sustainably foraged marine botanicals, Australian native and more traditional gin botanicals, balanced neatly with the highest quality Australian grain spirit.

Using only the purest Australian wheat spirit, Manly Spirits gins showcase a bright, fresh citrus nose, balanced with gentle peppery notes on the palate to deliver a rounded, lingering finish.

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