Mount Gay XO Rum

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Mount Gay XO Rum Triple Cask Blend is the pride of the estates Master Blender. Using oak aged single distilled rum and special double distilled rum from the centuries old copper pot still, the rums are blended in order to maximise complexity and length. The recipient of several Gold and Grand Gold awards, Mount Gay XO Rum is more refined, lighter and more elegant than its traditional ‘heavy’ Caribbean counterparts. From the oldest Rum house in the world, this is a unique blend that benefits from extra time spent in barrel to smooth out and develop complexity.

Tasting Notes: Deep amber hue. Toasty caramel and banana nut fudge aromas are deep and flavorful. A supple round entry leads to a medium to full-bodied palate of roasted nuts, bananas and orange peel, dark caramel, brown spice, and mocha. Finishes with a long, multidimensional fade. A beautifully balanced and deeply flavoured benchmark aged Caribbean rum.

Classification: Single Blended Rum (Blend of Pot and Column Still Distillation)
Country: Barbados
Aged: 8-15 Years (100% Tropically Aged)
Distillery: Mt Gay Ltd.
ABV: 43% / 700ml

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Mount Gay XO Rum is crafted by the oldest rum distillery in the world, Mount Gay Distillery in Barbados – the birth place of rum.

The oldest surviving deed for the company is from 1703, making Mount Gay Rum the world’s oldest commercial rum distillery. Dating back to 1660, Mount Gay is one of the oldest estates in the Caribbean and certainly one of the oldest in Barbados. There is evidence that there was distilling equipment in the region in 1663, so rum has probably been in production at Mt. Gay since. A tattered little deed confirms that rum production on the estate was well underway in 1703.

Mount Gay and its historic landscape was originally owned by John Sober – who inherited a small distillery at the top of Mount Gilboa in the St. Lucy parish of Barbados, far back in 1703. Eventually, the Sober family hired Sir John Gay Alleyne – a fourth generation Barbadian – to usher in a new era for the distillery. His innovations and achievements were so profoundly successful that the Sober family renamed the entire distillery in his honour in 1801. And the world became introduced to a new name with a pedigree of excellence and craftsmanship. Mount Gay.

Inseparable are the natural elements of Barbados and Mount Gay Rum. Since day one, the water, cane and airborne yeast have combined to create Mount Gay rums. The process of refining the cane into sugar, then into fermented molasses is more than tradition, it is their most essential ingredient. It’s why Bajan rum is sought the world over. Adored throughout history by famous figures, such as George Washington. Awarded by connoisseurs and critics. Enjoyed at an island-pace by you and friends.

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