Plantation Jamaica 2002 Vintage Rum

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Plantation Jamaica 2002 Vintage Rum is distilled in alambic copper pot stills and after a long fermentation, represents vigor and intensity. In the cellars of Maison Ferrand in Charente, it is further eased, tamed and enriched. Four stars were given to this powerful rum with ample character by Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal 2015.

Tasting Notes: Here is a “hogo” opening nose that’s funky, grassy, earthy, woodsy, salty, resiny, yet sumptuously appealing; hogo, old closed room funk continuous deep into the second nosing passes. “Entry is deeply flavorful, keenly bittersweet, slightly smoky, tobacco-like, resiny/woody; mid-palate features a highly complex and concentrated molasses rum bearing that ‘s simultaneously graceful and rustic and it’s this fragile balance between opposites that makes this rum exceptional. Admittedly, with this level of “hogo”, it’s not for everyone. I however, relish and admire this type of regional authencity. – Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal.

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700ml, 42% ABV

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Plantation Jamaica 2002 Vintage Rum like all Plantation rums are first aged for many years in the Caribbean, in its hot and humid climate, generally in young bourbon casks. When they reach maturity, they are shipped to Maison Ferrand’s Château de Bonbonnet at their natural strength in order to preserve their richness of aroma and flavor.

There, they are matured by the cellar master for several months to a year in small oak casks in order to give them even more elegance, refinement and roundness. This ageing technique, used extensively in the 18th and 19th century, had almost disappeared. Drawing on several generations of cask ageing know-how, Maison Ferrand’s cellar master has modernised and perfected the technique in order to produce exceptional rums.

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