Plantation Jamaica XO Single Cask Rum

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Plantation Jamaica XO Single Cask Rum is a limited 2018 Single Cask release from Jamaica. This is one of two single cask expressions (the other from Peru) from Plantation’s 2018 collection, was produced at Jamaica’s Long Pond distillery in a double retort pot still and matured in Bourbon casks for several years followed by 1 year in a Ferrand casks and a further 1.5 years in Teeling Whiskey casks.

Bottled at natural strength and this Plantation expression with no added sugar (dosage).

Only 144 bottles of this limited release have been produced for Australia and New Zealand, each individually numbered.

Classification: Pure Single Rum (Molasses + 100% Pot Still Distillation from single distillery)
Country: Jamaica
Aged: Not disclosed (label suggests several years)
Distillery: Longpond
ABV: 40.2% / 700ml

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Plantation Jamaica XO Single Cask Rum as with most Plantation rums is first aged for many years in the Caribbean, in its hot and humid climate, generally in young bourbon casks. When they reach maturity or a desired age, they are shipped to Maison Ferrand’s Château de Bonbonnet at cask strength in order to preserve their richness of aroma and flavor.

There, they are finished by Maison Ferrand in their ‘traditional style’ for several months to a year in cognac casks in order to give them more roundness. Many of the standard Plantation rum range also have sugar added (called ‘dosage’ by some French producers) in order to create the sweeter rums that Plantation are best known for and popularly used by bartenders for mixing cocktails and tiki drinks.

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