Ron Abuelo 30 Year Centuria Rum


Ron Abuelo 30 Year Centuria Rum, from the Latin “centum” meaning one hundred, is the name chosen for this unique product, celebrating a century of rum-making tradition. Its complex aroma and flavor comes from a blend of the finest rums from Abuelo’s oldest reserves, aged in white oak barrels for up to 30 years. These select rums form part of Abuelo’s “Reserva de la Familia”.

Tasting Notes: Extremely Smooth. Ron Abuelo 30 Year Centuria Rum is unmistakably Abuelo in character, only smoother, richer, milder. It is Panamanian throughout; exquisite, heavy bodied, sweet, endowed with deep flavor. Centuria is distilled from molasses, aged in white oak barrels that formerly held Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, then bended in a textbook solera method, and include some of Varela Hermanos’ oldest stocks. The dark walnut brown color is testament to the aging process.Close your eyes and sniff, you can almost smell the hand labor that went into distilling, aging, and blending this heady rum. Intoxicatingly heavy, dense, sweet aromas of oak-soaked aged rum, vanilla and caramel, balanced with molasses leather, tobacco, nuts and candied fruit, then finally lesser scents of spice and smoke emerge. The initial taste is very bit as delectable and complex as suggested by the aromas, with just enough of Abuelo’s typical edge to pique your interest. Unquestionably full bodied, Centuria coats your tongue with sweet flavor, ending with an extremely smooth, firm dry texture that lingers with caramel, while a bit of leather add substance to the finish.

700ml, 40% ABV

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Ron Abuelo 30 Year Centuria Rum is richly aged in white oak barrels. Produced from the fermentation of the juice of premium Panamanian sugarcane, Abuelo have utilized cutting edge technical procedures and the experience of the rum making tradition in its aging and production.

The history of Varela Hermanos, S.A dates back to 1908, when Don José Varela Blanco, a young Spanish immigrant, established in the town of Pesé the San Isidro Sugar Mill, the first sugar mill in the recently formed Republic of Panamá. Pesé, founded in the mid XVIII Century, is located on a fertile valley in the center of Panamá. The main activity of its population of about 10,000 people is the cultivation of sugar cane.

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