Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum


Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum is a fine Caribbean rum from Panama. Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum is the result of Ron Abuelo’s passion for producing the best aged rum. Produced from the fermentation of sugarcane juice, it is aged for 5 years in small barrels made with white oak, carefully selected for this product. Under the tropical
heat and the strict supervision of our master rum maker, this rum develops a refined aroma and an exquisite taste over the years.

Tasting Notes: Smooth. Your first pour reveals an attractive golden amber color from 5 years (minimum) of aging in white oak whiskey barrels. The aroma is very pleasing to the nose soliciting comparisons to floral sweets, vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar. Initial taste is true to the aromas. A medium body slightly complex for its age leads to a pleasantly warm and long finish leaving your desiring another taste.

Perfect in a ‘dirty’ mojito with fresh lime!

700ml, 40% ABV

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Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum is richly aged in white oak barrels. Produced from the fermentation of the juice of premium Panamanian sugarcane, Abuelo have utilized cutting edge technical procedures and the experience of the rum making tradition in its aging and production.

The history of Varela Hermanos, S.A dates back to 1908, when Don José Varela Blanco, a young Spanish immigrant, established in the town of Pesé the San Isidro Sugar Mill, the first sugar mill in the recently formed Republic of Panamá. Pesé, founded in the mid XVIII Century, is located on a fertile valley in the center of Panamá. The main activity of its population of about 10,000 people is the cultivation of sugar cane.

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