That Boutiquey Rum Co Black Gate 3 Year Rum

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That Boutiquey Rum Co Black Gate 3 Year Rum is the first of TBRC Australian Series releases and comes from Black Gate Distillery.

Founded by husband and wife team, Brian and Genise Hollingworth, Black Gate Distillery started with whisky, before expanding into rum production. Their Rum output now equates around a thousand litres per annum, a quarter of the distillery’s overall production.

Genise sources molasses from Queensland, and she runs a super long, two week fermentation using a speciality Rum yeast. The distillery uses direct fired pot-stills, which are somewhat rare in the Rum world, but are instrumental in producing Black Gate’s full flavoured rum.

It’s a double distillation, with the feints recycled during the spirit run. After all that love and attention, the Rum is matured in 100 litre Tawny casks, the Australian equivalent of Port Wine. Oh, and the word is that this batch was distilled on Genise and Brian’s 10th Wedding Anniversary, making  this release even more of a celebration!

Our Black Gate label captures a beautiful, sunny day at the distillery, complete with Frankie the dachshund, who appears to be herding a group of trespassing Emus (with distillery equipment under their wings) off of the property. Feels like there might be a story to tell there eh?


Nose: Initially heavy notes of oily rubber, and smoke loom large. Leading to a big waft of molasses and sweet licorice. Gentle hints of caramel

Palate: Mouth Filling and warming, a simple delivery of baked oat cakes, a gentle oaky grip.

Finish: Delicate lingering peppery.

Classification: Pure Single Rum (100% Pot Still rum from a single distillery)
Country: Australia
Aged: 3 Year
Distillery: Black Gate Distillery, NSW
Cask: ex-Bourbon
ABV: 50% / 500ml

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That Boutiquey Rum Co Black Gate 3 Year Rum Batch 1 was meticulously hand crafted by Black Gate Distillery.

Situated in Mendooran, 45 mins from Dubbo in Central West NSW, Black Gate Distillery is a small, husband and wife operation established in 2009. The rural setting and climate at Black Gate Distillery are conducive to aggressive spirit maturation, where they produce Single Malt Whisky and Dark Rum, which are both fermented and distilled using tradition methods on site. Black Gate Distillery use direct fired copper pot stills of 630 litre and 300 litre capacity that produce spirit on the richer end of the flavour spectrum. Black Gate Distillery stick with traditional production methods, use the highest quality ingredients/casks available.

Brian and Genise have travelled throughout NSW, Tasmania, Scotland and Ireland researching and gaining knowledge in the art of distilling high quality spirits and traditional distillation methods.

If you haven’t tried the That Boutiquey Rum Co Black Gate 3 Year Rum or the other 100% pot still rums and single malt whiskys from Black Gate Distillery, then you are missing out!

“Black Gate Distillery in Central Western New South Wales, favours intuition over science to create what is maturing into one of Australia’s top Single Malt Whiskies.” —  Luke McCarthy, Executive Style


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