Velier The Antigua Distillery 2012 Heavy Rum SAMPLE 30ml

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Velier The Antigua Distillery 2012 Heavy Rum possesses an unusual level of congeners due to the standards of the Antigua distillery. For the record, Luca Gargano went to Antigua Distillery on June 20, 2017 in search of a nugget within the stocks of the distillery. Luckily, due to a break in the coffee still column of the distillery, the vinasse stayed longer in the fermentation tank, generating an abnormally high congener rate not typical for the distillery.

The 27 casks did not escape Luca’s attention and give an extremely tasty rum and with a high alcohol content of 66% ABV. The Antigua Distillery Heavy 2012 is not afraid to show all the flavours it has to offer and is pure rum without any additives.

This if for a 30ml SAMPLE of the full bottle shown

Classification: Traditional Rum (Molasses + Column Still Distillation)
Country: Antigua
Aged: >6 years (Aged in the tropics)
Distillery: The Antigua Distillery
ABV: 66% / 30ml

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Velier The Antigua Distillery 2012 Heavy Rum is a special bottling from Velier. On 20th of June 2017 Luca Gargano went to Antigua looking for something special. Among thousands of barrels he found a lot of 27 casks with an unusually high level of congeners.

Traders from Genoa, Velier are the sons of Columbus and The Heirs of a tradition well known in the whole world. They firmly believe in their work. The family has been trading for over 100 years, originally in the textile sector, and now, since over 60 years, in wines, spirits and food.  Their absolute priority is not profit, but quality in all their choices.  Thanks to this, authentic gourmets can discover new products of excellent quality. They keep exploring.

Thankfully, in this world of increasingly standardised approach, it is still possible to find extraordinary products, which are created by real and passionate artists. Habitation Velier are a family run business, who believe in independent trade, based on strong human relationships.

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