Cadenheads Green Label 12 Year Australian Rum

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Cadenheads Green Label 12 Year Australian Rum is bottled by Cadenhead’s – is Scotland’s oldest independent bottlers who have been bottling high quality spirits since 1842. You might think Cadenhead’s experience in the rum trade is fairly recent, but they’ve actually been bottling rums almost as long as whisky — since the early 1900s when they were based in their original location in Aberdeen. They continue to source rums from around the world, gathering them in Campbeltown to be further matured.

This 12 Year Australian Rum is from an undisclosed Australian distillery, which we have been advised from a trusted source is actually from Beeneligh! Described as being matured for 12 years, 100% pot still rum and from a single cask of 366 bottles, this gem of a rum has also been bottled at 46% ABV and is non-chill filtered.

TASTING NOTES: Notes from Cadenhead’s: Nose: Apricots, cinnamon, freshly baked gingerbread. Flavour: Praline, dried figs, chocolate orange. Finish: Nectarines, hoisin sauce, cured ham.

Crafted by Beenleigh Artisan Distillers, Beenleigh QLD.

Classification: Pure Single Rum (100% pot still rum from a single distillery)
Country: Australia
Aged: 12 Year
Distillery: Beenleigh Distillery, QLD
Cask: ex-Bourbon (single cask)
ABV: 46% / 700ml

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Cadenheads Green Label 12 Year Australian Rum was crafted by Beenleigh using only the finest ingredients: pure Queensland rainwater, premium molasses and our own proprietary yeast. Then comes the special part, using The Old Copper copper pot still for the distillation process. The Old Copper is a very special copper pot still modified a long time ago by an old German guy. It’s the only one like it in Australia. By now, the rum has already developed its unique, complex character. The final stage that makes all the difference is the aging process. Beenleigh take the heart of the rum and use both small ex-bourbon barrels and ex-brandy vats to age our rums.

Why Beenleigh is called Beenleigh?

Now, it’s believed that, amongst the hordes seeking their sweet fortune in sugarcane was a duo from England by the names of John Davy and Francis Gooding. They knew a thing or two about farming, and got to work carving out around 300 acres of land fronting the Albert River. Using logic known only to them – since their new place looked absolutely nothing like the Devon home they’d left – they named the clearing after their old British farm, and thus the Beenleigh we now know, was born.

Try the Cadenheads Green Label 12 Year Australian Rum and other world class rums from Australian’s oldest operating distillery – Beenleigh, Est. 1884.

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