Depaz Vieux 3 Year Rhum Agricole


Depaz Vieux 3 Year Rhum Agricole is aged for 3 years in small oak barrels, with the best batches then selected to make the perfect blend.

With its lovely almond hue, Depaz Vieux 3 Year Rhum Agricole boasts crystallized fruit and nutmeg flavors. It is rounded on the palate with the most pleasant of finishes.

Classification: A.O.C. Martinique Rhum Agricole
Country: Martinique
Aged: 3 Years
Distillery: Distillerie Depaz
ABV: 45% / 700ml

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Depaz Vieux 3 Year Rhum Agricole is produced by Distillerie Depaz in the Caribbean.

From Martinique in the French West Indies, Depaz estate can be traced back to 1651. The unique character of Depaz rum is shaped on sun drenched volcanic ash soils set between sea and the volcano. This ideal position provides exceptional sugar cane and pure and plentiful water from the mountain.

Depaz is one of several Martinique distillers holding the French AOC marque (Appelation d’Origine Controlee) – and it maintains strict adherence to the requisite development and production standards that the French government sets to hold such a marque.  Located at the foot of Mount Pelée in Martinique, the Depaz Estate produces its rhum using a variety of sugar cane known as blue cane – one of the more (if not the most) costly varieties of cane to produce.


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