Fiji 21 Year 2001 Collection Antipodes Rum

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Fiji 21 Year 2001 Collection Antipodes Rum is part of the new Flag Series from LMDW and celebrates quality bottlings from all around the world.

This version distilled on 12 September 2001 was initially aged in a bourbon cask until 2009. Then, from February 2010 until bottling, it was matured in Liverpool in an ex-rum cask. Overflowing with generosity and intensely floral, empyreumatic, medicinal and passionately exotic, its aroma and flavour palette allows the taster to stop whenever they like to take in breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Ample, rich. Extremely concentrated, the aromatic palette is both medicinal (arnica, tiger balm), herbaceous (alfalfa, tiller), camphoric, telluric (lava), turpenic (oil) and at the same time deliciously fruity (pear, lime), floral (lily, iris), vanilla, syrupy (cane sugar), exotic (mango, passion fruit, kaffir lime) and gourmet (waffle).

Palate: Racy, dynamic. On the attack, flavors of gingerbread, candied pear and fresh walnuts rub shoulders with petroleum and medicinal notes (dressing, poultice). In the mid-palate, a thin layer of liquorice enters the slightest gap in the taste palette. Taking height, the end of the mouth invites us to contemplate a field of sugar cane about to be cut.

Finish: long, full of vitality. Powdery (cocoa, ginger), the finish is marked by notes of flowering geranium and bourbon vanilla, which complete the balance of the taste palette. The gourmet finish reveals flavors of lime, pie and flan. Medicinal, the retro-olfaction is coated with ointments and green liquorice. The empty glass is both spicy (ginger, cinnamon) and finely woody.


Classification: Single Blended Rum (Blend of Pot Still Traditional Column Still Distillation)
Country: Fiji
Aged: 21 (tropical and continental aged)
Distillery: N/A
ABV: 57.18% / 700ml

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Fiji 21 Year 2001 Collection Antipodes Rum is part of the new Flag Series from LMDW.

This new rum collection celebrates quality bottlings from all around the world. The FLAG SERIES gives an opportunity to understand the specificities of a country and differences between production regions, by a careful selection of specific casks.

To enable a better understanding of these subtilities, the range features transparent information on the product’s identity. The back label shows information such as the distillation date, bottling date, type of casks used and number of bottles produced.

Together with transparency, the FLAG SERIES including the Fiji 21 Year 2001 Collection Antipodes Rum has the ambition to showcase the product “au naturel”, free from any artifice, colouring or filtration. The range also proposes cask strength products, with no dilution prior to bottling.

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