Florita Bitter Amande Pays


Florita Bitter Amande Pays is a bitter based on Terminalia catappa, fruit of a plant that lives on all the tropical beaches whose charred pit is the real ingredient of the Polynesian sacred tattoos and which has its own terroir of choice in Bainet, a town on the South coast, East of Haiti. The Amande Pays bitters are made exclusively from fruits from this gran cru of the Amande Pays.


Country: Haiti
Distillery: Berling S.A.
ABV: 30% / 350ml

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Florita Bitter Amande Pays is part of a new exciting range of traditional Haitian bitters produced in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Haiti never ceases to surprise us! Its richness in terms of flowers, roots, barks and spices is unique in all the Caribbean. The new Florita Bitter range contains five Amer Traditionnel Haïtienne and one Syrup: six natural and authentic expressions of the variety of the Haitian territory.


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