Hampden Great House Distillery Edition 2020

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Hampden Great House Distillery Edition 2020 Rum is the latest limited release from Hampden Estate, with an extremely limited allocation having f0unds its way down under!

Founded in 1779, the Great House (Habitation in French) of the Jamaican Hampden distillery served as a storage warehouse for barrels until the early 1900s. From the blend of Hampden OWH (between 80 and 120 grams of esters) distilled in 2013 (80%) and Hampden DOK (between 1500 and 1600 grams of esters) distilled in 2017 (20%), this version immerses us in an instant in the universe at the same time heady and captivating, not to say bewitching, the rums produced by this distillery, considered by the greatest experts to be the most authentic in Jamaica. Intensely medicinal, mineral and marvelous oxidative, its aromatic and gustatory palette is at the same time resplendent with fruity and floral freshness.

Hampden Great House Distillery Edition 2020 as with all rums by Hampden Estate is an authentic rum with no sugar or flavouring added. Complex in structure yet silky smooth and tropical.

Tasting notes: Profile: powerful, the first nose is medicinal, camphoric, spicy, fruity (very ripe pineapple) and slightly tarred. With aeration, it evolves on the sweetness of molasses, notes of pipe tobacco and heady flowers (tuberose). Over time, it becomes more and more fruity (pear, peach). Tight, the attack on the palate reveals mineral (basalt), chocolate, liquorice and fruity (pineapple, Williams pear). Empyreumatic, the mid-palate is in turn tarred but also tangy (orange zest). Smooth, the start of the finish is delicious (vanilla cake, mille-feuille). It should be noted that the taste palette is constantly gaining in finesse. The retro-olfaction is powdery (cocoa), spicy (cinnamon) and refreshing.

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Classification: Pure Single Rum (Molasses + 100% Pot Still Distillation)
Country: Jamaica
Aged: 100% Tropical Aging
Distillery: Hampden Estate
ABV: 59% / 700ml

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Hampden Great House Distillery Edition 2020 is distilled at the legendary Hampden Estate, located in Trelawny, Jamaica, that has been producing rum since around 1753. To this day the distillery has retained the traditional production methods that made the aromatic, high ester Jamaican rums famous worldwide. After more than 265 years of uninterrupted activity, Hampden, the iconic Jamaican distillery, finally launches its own bottling of aged rums on the international scene!

Trelawny rums were developed in the late 18th century in this particular region of Jamaica. The Hampden Estate distillery has perpetuated the method over the centuries, and passed it on to the last two surviving distilleries which continue using it. The process of producing high ester rum is highly complicated, and it’s astonishing to think it was developed in a time before modern science, relying only on empirical research and without chromatography etc. Rum experts Richard Seale and Gianni Capovilla, who visited Hampden at different times, were both fascinated by the production process at the distillery. Since the late 18th century, Trelawny rums have always obtained the highest prices on the world market.

The Hampden Great House Distillery Edition 2020 is a limited release that compliments the Hampden Estate 8 Year Jamaican Rum and it’s big brother, the Hampden Estate Overproof Jamaican Rum.


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