Hoochery Ord River Spikes Reserve 10 Year Rum

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Hoochery Ord River Spikes Reserve 10 Year Rum is an extremely limited super premium release aged 10 years in premium oak. Hand signed by Master Distiller, ‘Spike’ Dessert.

Tasting note: Polished brass / gold. Soft, lifted bouquet. Golden syrup, banana milkshake and hints of crushed grass. Light and easy in the mouth with medium dry flavours of golden syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon raisin toast. Great balance. Lingers with dry vanilla, cocoa and buttery oak to finish. Elegant and restrained. A sophisticated flip-side style from this distillery that breaks new ground in Australian rum.

Crafted by Hoochery Distillery, Ord River Valley (Kununurra), WA.

Classification: Pure Single Rum (Single Distillery 100% Pot Still Rum)
Country: Australia
Aged: 10 years
Distillery: Hoochery Distillery
ABV: 43% / 750ml


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Hoochery Ord River Spikes Reserve 10 Year Rum is meticulously crafted by Hoochery Distillery.

From the rich, fertile soils in the heart of the Ord River valley comes the first Western Australian rum, ever. Legally, anyway.

Owner, developer and farmer Spike Dessert fell in love with the Kimberley when he saw it in 1972. In 1995 with the onset of Sugar Cane being grown in the Ord River Valley, he saw a way to diversify his dream and created the Hoochery – the oldest continuously operating distillery in Western Australia. Now if you are wondering about the name Hoochery, the name was trademarked by Spike from the word Hooch which goes back to the Hutanuwu (later modified to Hoochinoo) Indian tribe of Alaska who made alcoholic liquor – this is until it became the more popular name for the illegal activity of bootlegging!

Built on the Dessert family farm just outside of Kununurrain in the heart of the beautiful Ord River Valley, the small pot distillery was created entirely by hand, which has the capacity to produce over 50,000 bottles of Rum a year. Everything, from the still to the building itself, was crafted from materials found around the farm. Spike even taught himself to distill, with nothing more than a passion to make good, honest rum. This was rum, done Spike’s way.

And after 25 years, nothing’s changed. Hoochery Ord River Spikes Reserve 10 Year Rum and the Hoochery rum range is made from Australian sugarcane, wet season rainwater, and yeast, our Ord River Rum’s still made by hand. It’s vat-fermented, pot-distilled, painstakingly aged in oak barrels, and hand-bottled by us. The 300-litre oak barrels naturally colour and flavour our rum, giving you a smooth, tropical flavour, with an oaky finish.s all vat fermented, pot distilled, charcoal filtered, aged in oak barrels and hand bottled. The distillery is 100% Australian owned and operated.

“Gin’s a city drink. Whiskey’s made in a cold area. Rum’s made in the warm tropics. Bingo.” – Spike | farmer, founder & distiller.



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