Privateer Navy Yard Rum

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Privateer Navy Yard Rum… made in the New England tradition from 100% molasses, pot still and matured in American oak barrels. It was bottled in 2020. A world exclusive!

The term ‘Pure Single Rum’ defines a rum from a single distillery, distilled exclusively in pot stills. Pot still rums are more complex and typically more suitable to long ageing. The vintage Pure Single Rums are entirely aged in the tropics, ensuring a natural, accelerated aging compared to European ageing, at the expense of higher angels share.

Cask: P607

(actual cask may be different to image displayed)

Classification: Single Blended Rum (Pot + Colum Still Distillation)
Country: Massachusetts, USA
Aged: N/A
Distillery: Privateer Rum Distillery
ABV: 55.3% / 750ml

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Privateer Navy Yard Rum is one of the most popular American rums.

Our founder’s ancestor, the original Andrew Cabot (1750-1791), was a merchant, rum distiller and successful American privateer during the American Revolution. His fleet totaled more than twenty-five ships including the True American, for which our rum is named.

We carry on this spirit of New England independence and gritty determination by dedicating ourselves to making only the finest rums possible through our uncompromising adherence to the use of best ingredients and best practices.

American Privateers’ played a pivotal role in defeating what seemed an insurmountable foe. Their courage and ingenuity helped change the outcome of the Revolution.

Privateer Rum is following suit, disregarding commonly accepted practices of larger rum producers including sweetening, flavoring, filtering and spicing their industrial distillate, to establish a new standard in rum – one of honesty and purity. Best ingredients. Best practices. Never sweetened. Never filtered.

Taste the flavourful Privateer Navy Yard Rum today along with the other Privateer expressions including the Privateer Queen’s Share Rum.

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