Pyrat Cask 1623 Rum

Pyrat Cask 1623 Rum is a rare limited production Rum. Very fine aged dark amber pot still rum from Anguilla and is similar in colour and body to a rare cognac. The bottle comes packaged in an incense cedar box and a numbered hand blown decanter.

Tasting Notes: Creamy and rich, a beautiful amalgam of intense vanilla, orange, and nutmeg flavours, similar to those found in a fine Cognac.

750ml, 40% ABV

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From the creators of Patrón, Pyrat Cask 1623 Rum indulges in a blend of 9 different pot-still rums from 7 distilleries in the Caribbean, with the proprietary base rum produced in Barbados. The rums are a combination of Agricol and Industriel spirits aged in both Limousin and American oak barrels. Some of these rums are over 40 years old, which aged in specially selected oak barrels produce flavour complexities other rums are not able to create. Pyrat rums have a toasted apricot amber colour and a smooth and gentle palette texture.

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