Rum-Bar Gold Jamaican Rum

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Rum-Bar Gold Jamaican Rum is a premium gold rum, barrel aged for a minimum of 4 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica.

Tasting Notes: A classic rich Jamaican rum which can be enjoyed mixed or neat. Ideally, rested before sipping as once the alcohol dissipates the sweetness of banana and stewed apples prevails on the nose. The fruit dominate the palate whilst the four aged years enables this rum to benefit from oak interaction, also giving a vanilla and treacle like sweetness. A long mellow finish bursting with flavours.

Classification: Pure Single Rum (Molasses + 100% Pot Still Distillation)
Country: Jamaica
Aged: 4 Years (100% Tropically Aged)
Distillery: Worthy Park
ABV: 40% / 700ml

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Rum-Bar Gold Jamaican Rum is produced by the historic Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica.

Nestled in the Vale of Lluidas, or Lluidas Vale as it is commonly known, the landscaped greenery that encompasses Worthy Park offers a glimpse into a different side of Jamaica. Located in the central parish of St. Catherine, far from the white sand beaches and palm trees, a visit to Worthy Park is a trip back in time to the days of unspoiled landscapes and natural beauty that had given rise to Jamaica being known as the “Land of wood and water”.

The Worthy Park Estate has remained this way since it’s inception in 1670. It was gifted to Lt. Francis Price for his services to Cromwell during the English capture of the island from the Spanish in 1655. It has expanded since then through the acquisition of neighbouring properties.

Commercial production of cane and sugar began in 1720 and has continued unabated until this day. Since then it has only been under ownership by three families and has been in the hands of the Clarke family since 1918. In that time Worthy Park has not only engaged in cane farming and sugar production but the land has been used for beef cattle, citrus, poultry and other agricultural crops. However, there has been a consistent reduction in cultivation of other crops and livestock in favour of an increased cultivation of cane and sugar production.

Of the over 10, 000 acres of land approximately 40% of the land is currently in sugar cultivation. There are as many as 20 cane varieties growing however, most acreage is of the top three performers.

The sugar season in Jamaica lasts from January through the end of June. Since it is a 24-hour operation in season, the other months of the year are dedicated to a complete servicing of all of the equipment in the sugar factory.

While the traditional, and preferred, method of harvesting cane is by hand, for the past 20 years Worthy Park has also used combine cane harvesters to assist in the daily supply of cane to the sugar factory. Our sugar factory has been rated #1 on the island for efficiency every year since 1968.

Approximately 210, 000 tonnes of cane is milled annually. Upwards of 90, 000 tonnes are supplied by Worthy Park with the supply supplemented by purchases from the local farmers. 2015 saw a record year with 246, 647 tonnes of cane milled. The average annual sugar output of the factory is 24, 000 tonnes and 2015 saw us fall just shy of the 2014 record for output (27, 632 versus 27, 656).

All rum produced in the distillery needs molasses; and it goes without saying that all of our molasses used comes from our very own sugar factory. The average annual molasses production is between 7, 000-8, 000 tonnes; with 2015 also being a record year as we produced 8, 801 tonnes! This molasses is then piped 1KM away to the distillery.

Worthy Park has been producing rum intermittently since the 1740’s. There was an over supply of Jamaican Rum following World War II and under agreement with the Spirits Pool Association of Jamaica production was ceased in 1962. Worthy Park was out of the rum business. Thankfully, only temporarily!

After being out of the distillation business for decades, the Clarke family decided in 2004 that there was room for another Jamaican rum, made with quality ingredients in a perfect contrast by distilling in the Traditional Jamaican Pot-Still method however with efficiency and state-of-the-art equipment helping us get there.

In 2005, the newest distillery was complete! By 2007, the flagship brand of Rum-Bar Rum and Rum-Bar Gold Jamaican Rum was launched and has forever changed the Jamaican rum industry.

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