Velier Indian Ocean Stills Chamarel 2014

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Velier Indian Ocean Stills Chamarel 2014 is part of a new range from Velier that brings together the most representative expressions of Rhum Agricole from Indian Ocean distilleries. Initial releases include Savanna 2012 (Réunion Island) and Chamarel 2014 (Mauritius).

Chamarel is a jewel distillery founded in 2008 by the Couacaud family in the south of the island, close to the marvelous seven colored earth area. It’s a small distillery in the middle of its 300 hectare property with 35 hectares of sugar cane fields. It’s an extraordinary raw material, harvested by hand, doing fermentation with own cultivation of yeasts and distillation in different stills. So Chamarel can produce different rums, lighter distilled in Barbet single column, or heavier with double distillation, with a pot still Cognacaise and an Armagnacaise still.

Velier Indian Ocean Stills Chamarel 2014 rum is a sugar cane juice rhum, distilled in September 2014 in a traditional single column still. Aged 4 tropical years in Mauritius, and bottled straight from the cask at 58%. Limited release with a total world wide production of 2284 bottles.


Classification: Single Rum / Rhum Agricole
Country: Mauritius
Aged: 4 years
Distillery: Chamarel
ABV: 58% / 700ml

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Velier Indian Ocean Stills Chamarel 2014 is part of a new range from from Velier that brings together the most representative expressions from around the globe.

Velier represents one of the biggest and most relevant realities in the Italian distribution and importation of distillates, especially whiskies and rums. It was founded in 1947 by Casimiro ChVelier Indian Ocean Stills Chamarel 2014aix who, at the time, worked in the French Consulate in Genoa. From 1953 to 1983, this small family company specialized in the import and distribution of wines, champagne and liqueurs, exploiting the potential of the port of the Ligurian capital.

In 1983, at the age of 25, Luca Gargano acquired some Velier shares and under his influence the company began to specialize in the importation of exceptional distillates such as the legendary stock of St James Rum distilled in 1885 discovered by Luca in 1991. Since then these selections of rum have multiplied and led to the emergence of exceptional ranges

Traders from Genoa, Velier are the sons of Columbus and The Heirs of a tradition well known in the whole world. They firmly believe in their work. The family has been trading for over 100 years, originally in the textile sector, and now, since over 60 years, in wines, spirits and food.  Their absolute priority is not profit, but quality in all their choices.  Thanks to this, authentic gourmets can discover new products of excellent quality. They keep exploring.

Thankfully, in this world of increasingly standardised approach, it is still possible to find extraordinary products, which are created by real and passionate artists. Velier are a family run business, who believe in independent trade, based on strong human relationships.

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