666 Autumn Butter Vodka

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666 Autumn Butter Vodka is the world’s first natural butter vodka. Tasmania has one of the best dairy industries in the world. The best cream, the best milk, the best cheeses, and of course, some of the greatest butter. In Autumn, as the grass becomes juicier and juicier, the milk gets creamier and creamier, so the butter gets even better. Every year the rich Autumn Butter will be collected and combined with 666’s pot distilled vodka to make 666 Autumn Butter Vodka.

666 Autumn Butter Vodka is an expression of place, the flavour of North West Tasmania, of the local environment and the local industry. It is hand made with a slow fat-wash process using low heat, and loads of local butter, giving the resulting vodka a creamy, complex flavour unlike anything you have ever tasted. No colours, no preservatives, no artificial flavours, just great vodka, and fantastic local Autumn Butter.

TASTING NOTES: Rich butter on the nose, soft butter mouth feel. Perfect balance of savoury and soft butter flavours. Long finish, silky creaminess. Hints of butter chocolate, coffee and a vanilla finish.

Crafted by Pure Distillery Co., Tasmania, Australia.

700ml, 40% ABV

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666 Autumn Butter Vodka is made in North West Tasmania from Tasmanian Barley, fermented in Tasmania, pot distilled in Tasmania, filtered in Tasmania and bottled in Tasmania with Cape Grim water.

Every stage of production is handled with the utmost care, ensuring all the flavours of the beautiful natural environment stay in the bottle.

666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka starts life as Tasmanian Barley. It’s harvested, mashed and fermented in Tasmania. As with every element of production, the fermented barley is handled gently, moving from fermentation to slow, single batch distillation using copper pot stills. After pot distillation, the spirit is mellowed the spirit with charcoal. This final filtration is done very slowly, using only the highest grade activated charcoal, ensuring that we remove all the impurities, but retain the character and flavour of our delicious Pure Tasmanian Vodka. The final stage of production is blending the Pure vodka with the world’s purest rain, Cape Grim Water. Cape Grim, on the north west tip of Tasmania, just along the road from our distillery, has the world’s purest air and water.

The result is our velvety smooth, yet distinctly clean tasting Pure Tasmanian Vodka.


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