Clairin Le Rocher

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Clairin Le Rocher is a Haitian sugarcane spirit or rhum agricole, distilled in a small pot (batch) still with a small artisanal column in the village of Pignon. A rich white rum with lime, raspberry liqueur, and peppermint.

Le Rocher is the latest Clairin from an already legendary producer: Romulus Bethel. The distillery is located in Pignon, in the arrondissement of Saint-Raphael in the department of the North, no more than an hours drive on a dirt road from St. Michel.

Le Rocher is produced from syrup, not from pure juice. The syrup is boiled in order to preserve all the aromas of the rum while retaining the character of the three varieties of cane. Le Rocher is a 100% natural single pot still rum, bottled ‘still proof’ without any dilution, as per the Clairin protocol.

Romelus is quiet religious, reason why he chose the name Le Rocher, which derives from the verses of the Gospel of Matthew 7: 24-27 “The foolish man builds the house on the sand and instead the wise man builds it on the rock”. Le Rocher distillery is built on rock.


Classification: Pure Single Rhum Agricole (Sugar Juice + 100% Pot Still)
Country: Haiti
Aged: unaged
Distillery: Le Rocher distillery, Pignon.
ABV: 51% / 700ml

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