Farmers Wife Autumn Dry Gin 700ml

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Farmers Wife Autumn Dry Gin 700ml is crafted on a farm near the village of Allworth NSW, located near historic Stroud and the gateway to the Barrington Tops National Park. This small batch of hand crafted gin is an homage to the tradition of gin making and the native flavours of Australia.

Native sage, myrtles and pepperberry along with the signature native bee sugar bag honey bestows a magic upon this gin. This layers each sip with a refined local flavour. The rare sugar bag honey is produced in small quantities by Australian native stingless bees. This inscribes a unique citrus sweetness that when distilled using a traditional copper pot still delivers a softness and depth to the gin.   The result is a gin at home in a traditional cocktail but with the complexity and softness to be sipped neat.

Tasting Notes: On the nose you are greeted with the distinct aroma of juniper softened by the sweet scent of pink grapefruit and a lingering hint of honey.When sipped the distinct punchy juniper notes are first and are layered with citrus from the lemon myrtle, zesty kaffir lime and grapefruit. This is quickly followed by a savoury warmth (not heat) to the palate from the cardamom, pepper berry & native sage. The Angelica, orris root and liquorice provide an earthy balanced undertone but it is that gorgeous grapefruit and honey that lingers on the palate and leaves you with the feeling and colours of autumn.

Crafted by The Farmer’s Wife Distillery, Allworth, NSW.

700ml, 48% ABV

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Farmers Wife Autumn Dry Gin 700ml is crafted by The Farmer’s Wife Distillery in Allworth, NSW.

The Farmer’s Wife Distillery are committed to making gin the way gin used to be made. This being by batch (one shot) distillation in a traditional copper pot still.  Their beautiful still was commissioned to Peter Bailey of Hobart Tasmania and was precariously road tripped home by the Farmer and his Wife. Copper is essential to the distillation process as the chemical reaction results in a softer and smoother spirit.

The Farmer’s Wife Distillery rest their botanicals on the finest quality neutral Australian sugar cane spirit. This spirit provides a clean blank canvas upon which the Farmer’s Wife can weave her botanical magic. Only the very hearts of the spirit are kept and then blended with purified rainwater harvested from the farm.

Their commitment to producing spirits sustainably and in the true tradition of copper pot distillation will also be reflected in their rum and whisky distillation in the future.

Awards: Farmers Wife Autumn Dry Gin 700ml was awarded a silver medal in the London Spirits Competition held in March this year. It’s a pretty prestigious competition in the United Kingdom, open to the world’s finest distillers.

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