Ink Sloe & Berry Gin

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Ink Sloe & Berry Gin is an antipodean take on the classic English sloe gin recipe.

The base gin was distilled with some of Ink Gin’s star players – juniper berry, coriander, angelica and liquorice root. The flavour base continues to build with a tart infusion of sloe berries (actually a fruit) and this tartness is balanced by an explosion of sweet red berries.

The final ingredient in Ink Sloe and Berry Gin is Australian rosella flowers. Growing wild on the fringes of tropical rainforest of northern Australia, rosellas are a type of hibiscus flower. They have a vibrant colour and a crisp, tart flavour to balance the sweeter botanicals in Sloe & Berry.

Sitting at the traditional Sloe Gin strength of 26% alcohol, Ink Sloe & Berry is a refreshing lower strength “Drink Less – Enjoy More” option – perfect for sipping on the rocks.

Crafted by Husk Distillers, North Tumbulgum (Northern Rivers), NSW.

700ml, 26% ABV

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Ink Sloe & Berry Gin is a premium sloe gin crafted be Husk Distillers in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Husk Distillers are taking Australia by storm with their Ink Gin and Husk Pure Cane and Virgin Cane Australian Agricole rums.

Famous for their Ink Gin containing the Butterfly pea flowers being highly sensitive to pH. When the floral-infused Ink Gin is mixed with something of low pH (including gin’s best friends; tonic water, lime or lemon), the colour changes dramatically from blue to blush pink. Not magic – just science.

As well as contributing to Ink’s curious colour-changing properties, the delicate obscuration of the floral ink makes for smooth drinking. The flower’s subtle astringency leaves the palate crisp and clean, allowing the citrus and floral notes of the major botanicals a long, refreshing finish. Have fun experimenting with Ink Gin in your favourite cocktails, or drink neat or over ice.

The Ink Sloe & Berry Gin is their latest incarnation steeped with berries and infused with Rosella flowers.

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