Habitation Velier Privateer 2017 Pure Single Rum

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Habitation Velier Privateer 2017 Pure Single Rum is part of the highly anticipated 2020 release from VELIER. In 2016 VELIER launched the Habitation Velier range, being the world’s only range of Pure Single Rums acting as a reference point to the type of rum produced by each distillery’s unique pot still.

The Habitation Velier Privateer 2017 Pure Single Rum is made in the New England tradition from 100% molasses, pot still and matured in American oak barrels. It was bottled in 2020. A world exclusive!

The term ‘Pure Single Rum’ defines a rum from a single distillery, distilled exclusively in pot stills. Pot still rums are more complex and typically more suitable to long ageing. The vintage Pure Single Rums are entirely aged in the tropics, ensuring a natural, accelerated aging compared to European ageing, at the expense of higher angels share.


Classification: Pure Single Rum (Molasses + 100% Pot Still Distillation)
Country: Massachusetts, USA
Aged: 3 years
Distillery: Privateer Rum Distillery
ABV: 55.6% / 700ml

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Habitation Velier Privateer 2017 Pure Single Rum is a very special bottling by LM&V. Habitation Velier is a very special collaboration project created by the Italian raconteur and owner of the Velier company, Luca Gargano, and the very best rum distillers in the Caribbean and the world.

Although still not widely known, Pure Single Rums are the purest expressions of sugar cane and its by-product; molasses, which have been distilled exclusively in a pot still. Each Habitation Velier expression is the result of a unique project. Rich in flavour and high in proof, they represent a new generation of rums for the aficionado. The aged rums embody the power of the interaction between the wood and the complexity of the old methods of production.

Traders from Genoa, Habitation Velier are the sons of Columbus and The Heirs of a tradition well known in the whole world. They firmly believe in their work. The family has been trading for over 100 years, originally in the textile sector, and now, since over 60 years, in wines, spirits and food.  Their absolute priority is not profit, but quality in all their choices.  Thanks to this, authentic gourmets can discover new products of excellent quality. They keep exploring.

Thankfully, in this world of increasingly standardised approach, it is still possible to find extraordinary products, which are created by real and passionate artists. Habitation Velier are a family run business, who believe in independent trade, based on strong human relationships.

Try both the Habitation Velier Privateer 2017 Pure Single Rum and other amazing releases in the Habitation Velier range.


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