Hoochery 5 Rivers Spiced Rum

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Hoochery 5 Rivers Spiced Rum is a unique spiced that is infused with mango, the pulp of our iconic boab nut and aromatic spices, making it the perfect tasting spiced rum with tropical flavours.

Pot-distilled, oak-matured, and hand-blended, this is got to be one of our favourite spiced rums on the market. Sweetened with fresh Ord Valley mangoes, infused with the pulp of our iconic Kimberley Boab nut, and with a handful of various aromatic spices thrown in for good measure. This perfectly balanced spiced rum is the taste of the tropics, from the heart of the Kimberley.

Crafted by Hoochery Distillery, Ord River Valley (Kununurra), WA.

750ml, 40% ABV

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Hoochery 5 Rivers Spiced Rum is crafted by Hoochery Distillery. Owner, developer and farmer Spike Dessert fell in love with the Kimberley when he saw it in 1972. In 1995 with the onset of Sugar Cane being grown in the Ord River Valley, he saw a way to diversify his dream and created the Hoochery – the oldest continuously operating distillery in Western Australia. Now if you are wondering about the name Hoochery, the name was trademarked by Spike from the word Hooch which goes back to the Hutanuwu (later modified to Hoochinoo) Indian tribe of Alaska who made alcoholic liquor – this is until it became the more popular name for the illegal activity of bootlegging!

Built on his farm just outside of Kununurra in the heart of the beautiful Ord River Valley is a small pot distillery, which has the capacity to produce over 50,000 bottles of Rum a year, including the Hoochery 5 Rivers Spiced Rum. Hoochery Ord River Rum is made from local sugar cane, wet season rainwater and yeast that is all vat fermented, pot distilled, charcoal filtered, aged in oak barrels and hand bottled. The distillery is 100% Australian owned and operated.


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