JimmyRum Small Batch Oaked Rum

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JimmyRum Small Batch Oaked Rum is a premium Australian sugar cane spirit crafted using quality molasses. It’s still not legally rum yet, but it has been barrel aged and we are loving it.  JimmyRum have put their beautiful “Silver” spirit into new or near new small format American oak barrels for a short time.  Each batch has its own character and has the unique flavour profile of the barrel(s) used for that batch.

The “Oaked” expression is versatile, with an identifying butterscotch flavour coming through and a lovely warmth of the oak it’s been aged in.  Try it neat or drink it with your favourite mixer or a cocktail that needs a bit of bite!  Works amazing in a bloody Mary or Rum old fashioned

Crafted by JimmyRum, Mornington Peninsula, VIC.

Classification: Traditional Rum
Country: Australia
Aged: < 2 Years
Distillery: JimmyRum
ABV: 46.5% / 700ml (ABV may vary between batches)

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JimmyRum Small Batch Oaked Rum is meticulously hand crafted by JimmyRum (Australian Craft Distillery).

JimmyRum is a craft rum distillery with an audacious goal, to change the way Australians think about rum. Uncomplicated, unpretentious and unruly, JimmyRum are putting together rums that are distinctive and downright delicious.

While their primary goal is to titillate your taste buds and warm the soul, they’d love to educate as many of you as they can about the beauty and distinctiveness of rum styles from around the world. They will be producing a wide variety of rum—dark, light, spiced, agricole, and cachaça. Why do you have to wait two years for our “RUM”? Australia, like many other countries around the world have regulations to protect the quality of “Rum” sold in the country. Therefore JimmyRum cannot label any of their product as “Rum” until it has spent two years ageing in an oak barrel (where it will be well spoken to, loved and caressed regularly to ensure it grows up positive and happy).

So, what will we be selling at first? A variety of (not quite rum) spirits made from the same ingredients we are putting in the barrels to become “Rum”, as defined in Australia.

For Chief Ideas Man and Director James McPherson, a 20 year career at sea as a marine engineer was coming to an end. He started a ridiculous rumour of opening a rum distillery. Who’d have thought that would come true? The idea started to grow and before James knew it, he was on a trip to North America, the Caribbean and Europe to do some deep and thorough research on craft distilling (it must have been a tough trip!). Arriving home, well and truly bitten by the craft spirits industry, James was inspired by the incredible passion the distillers had for their product and the craft.

So there you have it. What started as a ridiculous rumour is now JimmyRum—a passion project to distill premium craft Australian rum. Join us for the journey, starting with JimmyRum Small Batch Oaked Rum!


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