Kangaroo Island KIS Wild Gin

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Kangaroo Island KIS Wild Gin is reputedly the only gin in Australia made using a small batch basket distillation process. Produced in a 60 litre copper still, the creators have employed Kangaroo Island ingredients including native juniper, aka “Boobialla”, as well as traditional juniper berries and botanicals including mace, coriander, lime and ginger.

Tasting notes: Kangaroo Island KIS Wild Gin is clear with a silvery blush. Intriguing opening sniff is fruity-yet-herbal in the initial pass with fresh peeled orange and hints of juniper featured. Aeration draws out fennel / liquorice-like characteristics along with hints of white pepper. The creamy entry builds into a concentrated, gently peppery, juniper focused delivery that’s rounded off with a delicious lemon meringue twist. Aftertaste is dry, long, vibrant, citrusy and fresh concluding with a subtle liquorice fade.

Crafted by Kangaroo Island Spirits (KIS), Kangaroo Island, SA.

700ml, 43% ABV

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Kangaroo Island KIS Wild Gin is crafted by Kangaroo Island Spirits (KIS) specialising in handcrafted premium Australian Spirits, is South Australia’s only boutique distillery. Known as KIS, the company is a micro distillery and our award winning  Gin, Vodka and Liqueurs are all produced at our Distillery on Kangaroo Island.
The KIS story began in 2002, when Jon and Sarah Lark married and set out to establish Australia’s first dedicated gin distillery, where they wanted to do things properly, the traditional way.
One of the appealing things about gin is the use of botanicals – there is a lot you can do with them in the gin making process. Jon and Sarah believe that gin should still be predominantly juniper flavoured – it’s a choice (some of the new ones aren’t). But from there on, there’s a lot of flexibility and you can almost do or add anything you like. And this is where Jon and Sarah have worked their magic to produce the exquisite uniqueness of KIS gins, which underpins Kangaroo Island Spirits’ core values and product personality. Another important value is the intention that KIS aims only to master their craft industry. For Jon and Sarah, it is not about the size of the business; it is about achieving the best reputation, and allowing the market to dictate to some extent what it wants from KIS spirits.
A huge number of small distilleries have started since KIS was established. Some of these have grown quickly, almost by force and wilful marketing. This is not the KIS model. The KIS team is in it for the character of the KIS lifestyle, the passion for inclusion (which includes sharing ideas) and being creative with botanicals. This hands-on, family approach is what being a “Craft Distillery” means to the KIS team – this is the KIS model.
KIS produce their products with a philosophy of ‘Slow Spirits’,  a phrase derived to describe spirits made in a style similar to ‘slow food’ ie; using high-quality fresh local and seasonal ingredients, being prepared with care, produced passionately, and made using traditional processes and recipes.
Support Aussie craft spirits and taste the Kangaroo Island Wild Gin as well the full range from Kangaroo Island Spirits.


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