Plantation Barbados 2001 Vintage Rum

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It is said that the first trace of rum distillation dates back to 1651 on the island of Barbados. The Plantation Barbados 2001 Vintage Rum is a perfect example of rum from the island, at once voluptuous, smooth and fruity.

Tasting Notes: Aristocratic nose that is a vibrant tribute to exotic fruits and spices. Ripe banana gives way to dried pineapple, mango, cinnamon, cardamom and curry. Full of personality with aromas of nougat, mint chocolate, candied walnut on the first palate evolving to candied orange, vanilla and pastries with a sweet and biscuity finish.

700ml, 42% ABV

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Plantation Barbados 2001 Vintage Rum like all Plantation rums are first aged for many years in the Caribbean, in its hot and humid climate, generally in young bourbon casks. When they reach maturity or a desired age, they are shipped to Maison Ferrand’s Château de Bonbonnet at cask strength in order to preserve their richness of aroma and flavor.

There, they are finished by Maison Ferrand in their ‘traditional style’ for several months to a year in cognac casks in order to give them more roundness. Many of the standard Plantation rum range also have sugar added (called ‘dosage’ by some French producers) in order to create the sweeter rums that Plantation are best known for and popularly used by bartenders for mixing cocktails and tiki drinks.

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