Saint James Royal Ambre Rhum Agricole


Saint James Royal Ambre Rhum Agricole is youngest of the distillery’s barrel-aged agricole rums. It represents the ideal marriage between the fresh exuberance of rhum blanc and the elegance of older rums.

The rum is aged in 200-liter, Limousin oak barrels for a minimum of 18-months. Copper/amber hue with brilliant with brilliant orange highlights. It has a silky texture and a light to medium body. Initially, the grassy aroma of sugarcane dominates, gradually followed with notes of floral and spice.

Classification: A.O.C. Martinique Rhum Agricole
Country: Martinique
Aged: 1.5 Years (minimum)
Distillery: Saint James
ABV: 45% / 700ml

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Saint James Royal Ambre Rhum Agricole is produced by Saint James, one of oldest distilleries on Martinique Island (Caribbean).

Saint James was born in Saint-Pierre de la Martinique in 1765, from the hands of Reverend Father Edmund Lefebure, Superior of the Convent of the Brothers of Charity and a skilled alchemist. This dignified priest crafted a cane spirit called “Guildive” or “Tafia”. In the archives, a precise description of various qualities of spirit would suggest that “Rhum Agricole” from Martinique was born… A man of faith, but also with a good business sense, Father Lefebure started shipping rum to the geographically close British colonies in North America.

The Rum was named Saint Jacques, in tribute to Jacques Dyel who devoted his life to developing the Martinique Island, and became SAINT JAMES for commercial reasons in order to be more English-sounding.

SAINT JAMES pays particular attention to every stage of the production process so that it can offer the best expressions of its agricole rums. From the variety and quality of sugarcane, to the choice of the ageing casks, the complete elaboration is followed with care by SAINT JAMES oenologist Marc Sassier and Master Blender Myriam Bredas.

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