Stone Pine Finger Lime Vodka

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Stone Pine Finger Lime Vodka, with infused Australian finger lime.
It’s no secret that Pink Finger Limes are our favourite Aussie native. Just these (whole fruit), pure grain spirit and filtered rainwater comprise Stone Pine’s Finger Lime Vodka – nothing else. The clean, neutral spirit allows the finger lime to display its wonderfully complex citrus character with no holds barred. Try this in any of your classic vodka cocktails to add a little extra something.

Crafted by Stone Pine Distillery, Bathurst NSW.

500ml, 40% ABV

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Stone Pine Finger Lime Vodka is crafted by Stone Pine Distillery, NSW. Proprietors, Bev and Ian Glen, have their roots in the Scottish brewing and distilling industry. They moved to Australia complete with children and dog in 2006 with the aim of establishing Bathurst’s first microdistillery. Bev, with her background in running various Edinburgh pubs, manages the Cellar Door, while Ian is the distiller. He is a biochemist and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Brewing & Distilling from Heriot-Watt University. He is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling and has spent his entire career in the malting, brewing and distilling industry.

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