Tokinoka Black Japanese Blended Whisky

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Tokinoka Black Japanese Blended Whisky is a blended whisky created by Akito Ueda, Master Blender of White Oak distillery, who gives us a new version of Tokinoka the blend emblem of the brand. It’s a rather more fruity nose with aromas of tropical fruits and notes of toasted oak, precedes an appealing mouth experience with the appearance of woody aromas and some notes of citrus.

Made from 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky aged in 3 different types of casks (Bourbon, Xeres and new oak), this version richer in malt presents a very nice roundness in the mouth and combines at the same time a spicy and creamy sharp side, with a soft and vanilla finish characteristic of Tokinoka.

500ml, 50% ABV

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Tokinoka Black Japanese Blended Whisky is produced at The White Oak distillery, located in the city of Akashi (Hyogo Prefecture) and was the first to obtain a license for distilling whisky in 1919.

Built in 1888 for the production of sake and shochu, at the beginning the distillery produced only blend whisky in a traditional way and especially reserved for the domestic market. Then the site was modified in 1984 to start producing whisky in bigger quantities. The Eigashima Shuzo Company owner of the distillery, produced since 2007 several single malt named Akashi.

And it’s a mixture of these different Akashi single malt that we will discover in this Tokinoka which means “fragrance of time” in Japanese.

Taste the Tokinoka Black Japanese Blended Whisky as well as the Tokinoka White Oak Japanese Blended Whisky expression.

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