Elements 8 Gold Rum


[e]8 – Elements 8 Gold Rum is a sensuous, smooth, and complex super premium rum.  With its exceptionally long finish, this rum is described as “keeps coming back, and surprises with new flavours exploding on the palate on each return”. The gold won the 2007 IWSC Best in Class Award, and has been regarded as the best gold rum in the world with dry, complex notes, with hints of raisin on the palate

The harmonious balance of the eight key elements and the long ageing process renders [e]Gold Rum very smooth, mellow and flavourful. Specific product characteristics include the following:

  • Tropically aged for 6 years in once used, premium Bourbon barrels
  • Lightly charcoal filtrated to remove impurities but keep deep amber / golden glow
  • Complex ‘hand blend’ of over 10 different types of rums
  • Made with perfectly ripened, hand selected sugar cane
  • Crafted using naturally filtered virgin rainforest water

Distilled using three artesian distillation techniques. It is a sensuous, smooth, and complex super premium rum that will also appeal to deluxe whisky drinkers. Enjoyed straight, on the rocks or in one of your favourite long drinks and cocktails.

700ml, 40% ABV

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Elements 8 Gold Rum is exclusively produced by St. Lucia Distillers for the Elements 8 Rum Company.

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