Husk Triple Oak 5 Year Rum

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Husk Triple Oak 5 Year Rum is a limited aged release from the team at Husk Distillers, Tumbulgum NSW, with just 969 bottles available worldwide.

Husk Triple Oak is a quality Australian sipping rum, which perfectly captures the provenance of Husk and their vision of a sipping rum that is dry, complex and unadulterated, inspired by the agricole rum that the founders of Husk fell in love with in the French Caribbean.

Triple Oak is a masterful blend of three barrels – ex-port, ex-bourbon and new American Oak. Each of the barrels were rested for 5 years at Husk Distillers. For the rum connoisseur, the resulting blend allows the drinker to trace back to each barrel the flavours and aromas it encapsulates.

The Husk Triple Oak Rum barrels used were: Ex-port barrel. This very old barrel had aged port for several decades. It imparted old oak and rich port-like notes into the rum. Ex-bourbon barrel. This barrel from Kentucky had been filled with bourbon, emptied, shipped over to Australia and then filled. It was most neutral barrel that allowed the rum to naturally and slowly develop beautiful fruity aromas. Virgin American Oak (char #4). As a brand new barrel, the new wood had a heavy influence on the rum which picked up deep oak flavours with hints of coconut. The heavy char helped the release of sought after compounds such as vanilla while also allowing the rum to extract more tannin from the wood. At 5 years old, this is our most mature rum yet.

TASTING NOTES: The nose reveals dried cranberry and fig, green apple, oak, hint of lemon peel and a subtle port influence in the background. On the palate is wonderful vanilla, charred oak, dried fruit, toffee and notes reminiscent of the old port barrel. The finish is generous spice with soft tannins, vanilla and aged oak.

DISTILLERS NOTES: Distilled in 2013 in our old 1000L copper pot still from first press cane juice. A masterful blend of 3 barrels:
Barrel #1: Ex-Port filled 27/09/13 from distillation of cane variety Q200. Still strength 73.9%.
Barrel #2: Ex-Bourbon filled 27/09/13 from distillation of cane variety Q200. Still strength 65.5%.
Barrel #3: Virgin White American Oak – filled 05/12/13 from distillation of cane variety Q155. Still strength 74.8% and 75.3%.

Crafted by Husk Distillers, Tumbulgum (Northern Rivers), NSW.

Classification: PURE SINGLE AGRICOLE RHUM (Cane Juice + 100% Pot Still Distillation from Single Distillery)
Country: Australia
Aged: 5 years
Distillery: Husk Distillers
ABV: 44% / 700ml

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Husk Triple Oak 5 Year Rum is the latest limited release in the Virgin Cane rum series crafted by Husk Distillers.

Inspired by the diverse and vibrant rum culture of the Caribbean islands and a yearning for fine Australian spirits, distiller Paul Messenger, along with his wife Mandy and daughters Harriet, Edwina & Claudia, embarked on a journey to create a plantation distillery on their cattle & cane farm, nestled in the green caldera surrounding Mt Warning in Northern NSW.

Husk’s vision was to create a premium, paddock to bottle agricole rum with a unique Australian expression. Husk have had to develop new skills and adapt new methods of small-scale cultivation, harvesting and crushing not used in the area before. They designed the distillery based on fermentation, distillation and maturation methods not typically used in commercial rum distilleries and the result is a rum that they are proud to say has the unique characteristics of our part of the world – our provenance.

Husk Rum can only be made from freshly crushed cane juice so its production is restricted to the harvest season from August to November. While rum from Husk’s first harvest in 2012 was quietly maturing on oak they began creating a gin, something different that would challenge people’s perception of what gin can be.

Ink Gin was a bold risk which paid off, as people around the country fell in love with the colour play & soft Australiana taste. Husk quickly outgrew their tiny farm shed distillery, and in late 2016 started building a new distillery, which is complete with a cellar door, bar and barrel house. Definitely worth a visit (and a tipple and tour!) if you get the chance!

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