Taylor & Smith Dry Gin

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Taylor & Smith Dry Gin is crafted using 4 key botanicals; a big bunch of fresh sage, Huon pine needles, abalone shell and red grapefruit. Also some others in there including Kombu.

The latest release form Taylor & Smith Distilling Co., this amazing Dry Gin is the fresh spirit of Tasmania’s ancient Huon Pine, iridescent abalone shell and pristine water.

Crafted by Taylor & Smith Distilling Co., Hobart TAS.

500ml, 46% ABV

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Taylor & Smith Dry Gin is crafted by Taylor & Smith Distilling Co., an independent artisan distillery in Hobart owned and run by Natalie and Ben. We experiment with Tasmanian botanicals and carefully craft our base spirits to synthesise the Tasmanian landscape and write out the stories of place.

The scale of the season is compressed in Tasmania so you get an intensity of flavour in our botanicals. The air is phenomenal and the water that feeds directly to the distillery comes from a lake of snow melt at Mount Field National Park.

When we first started making spirits we’d take around little jam jars of gin and leave them on our neighbours doorstep. People would turn up on a Friday night home from work and find a jar of gin. In reciprocation they would turn up at our place with lemons, quinces, cumquats or other botanicals they were hoping would feed back into the gin. Along with experimentation, another defining characteristic of our process is our focus on the handmade. We don’t have any automated systems. It’s come from the heart. We love to bring people together through our spirits, and small things that are beautiful in the right place can enhance a moment.

Support Aussie craft spirits and taste the Taylor & Smith Dry Gin as well the full range from Taylor & Smith Distilling Co., including the original Taylor & Smith Gin.


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