Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin

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The original. Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin is unlike any other. Poor Toms steep 10 botanicals in Australian wheat spirit, which is then distilled in our little German copper still. You’ll notice a classic juniper backbone complimented by fresh green apple, native strawberry gum leaf, and chamomile. It is an easy drinking gin – delicate, fresh, and floral. Perfect in a strong G&T, a gin and soda, or a dry martini. For more delicious results, serve with a strawberry.

Crafted by Poor Toms Gin, Marrickville (Sydney) NSW.

700ml, 41.3% ABV

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The origins of  Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin begins with gin mastermind, Marcel Thompson. Marcel, a trained chemist, got his first gig as an assistant distiller with United Distillers NZ in 1987 (before the co-founders Griff and Jesse were born) using stills made in the 1940s. He was apprentice to some of the legends of Australasian gin making, whose lineage can be traced back to the giants of the game in pre-war London. Marcel has done everything from operating the stills to overseeing full scale production and R&D. There is little Marcel has not made but his main passion has always been gin (making Gordon’s and Tanqueray among others)  for local and international consumption. So Groff and Jesse invited Marcel out of his self-imposed exile to rediscover one of his first loves, making gin stills sing!


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